Friday, 11 September 2015

The Sculpture of the PARKVALE TREE

During Term 3 we have been learning about The ARTs. For the Art exhibition we have designed and created a sculpture model of our PARKVALE TREE.

We created this because we have been studying New Zealand Art. We learnt that Dick Frizzell was famous NZ artist who had created many different art types. Dick Frizzell was also a past Parkvale Student.

Room 3 favorite art he produced was The Foursquare Man. We realised this was KIWIANA so we have also learnt about KIWIANA. From this we thought we would like to produce our own ICON/SCULPTURE. So this is where the Parkvale Tree came into it.

Another motivation for our art was the trip into Hastings to see all the art around town. Around town was the Hastings Art Centre, The Tools, The Pou (Maori Carvings) The Fountain, The Giant Fish Trap etc.

Check out the pictures below to see how we created our amazing  PARKVALE TREES!!!!


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  1. What a lot of work went into your parkvale tree sculptures room 3.
    They look great!